Atlantic Health Partners Can Help Your Practice with the 2012-13 Flu Season

Atlantic Health Partners offers Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians the overall best purchasing terms for Sanofi’s Fluzone, Merck’s Afluria, and MedImmune’s Flumist.  As the leading vaccine buying group in the country, Atlantic can assist your practice with reserving flu doses for the upcoming flu season, including Sanofi’s High-Dose and Intradermal Fluzone.

Furthermore, Atlantic Health Partners provides our members with the lowest costs for the complete spectrum of Sanofi and Merck vaccines.  Thousands of physicians nationwide have seen how Atlantic can improve the financial and operational practice performance of providing immunizations to your patients.

In addition Atlantic Health Partners offers a unique program that enables physicians to provide vaccines like Zostavax to Medicare Part D patients with fair and timely reimbursement.

We encourage you to contact Atlantic Health Partners to determine how their program can be of benefit to your practice.  You can reach Jeff or Cindy at 1-800-741-2044 (Eastern Time) or at