After the AAFP National Conference of Special Constituencies, which included 5 amazing days of discussion and camaraderie, I returned to Kentucky with the unofficial title of Social Media Editor for the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians and a head full of ideas.

Social media serves to tell the stories of the people around us. Each person gets their own opportunity, using all the various media from print to video, to show the world what matters. A unique opportunity exists to be as ubiquitous as the cellular telephone but as poignant as silent film. We as a community can create content using simple tools and broadcast it to the whole world.

While that may be a bit overzealous, the concept holds true. What better way to communicate with our patients and our colleagues than meeting them where they are. Telling them our story. I see so much potential for our academy and the folks who we serve, both clinically, politically and socially. We can all tell our stories. We can all show those who will listen what really matters.

Here’s my story:

My goal is to create a process for putting together those with a story and the people who can put that story out there. If you have something to share, let me know. E-mail me via gtolbert at tapnky dot com. We’ll work to make sure you’re heard.