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Email Updates

This system allows the end-user to know about different updates to the KAFP website, such as new posts and updated pages through your personal email.

Here is a short instructional video on how to get signed up:


If you wish to sign up for these updates, follow these instructions:

1. Choose what email address you wish to receive […]

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The Iron Butt Association

I saw a man today who rode his motorcycle roundtrip to Davenport, Iowa this weekend.  I asked him what took him to Davenport, and he said “I want to join the Iron Butt Association.”  — I asked him to clarify, and he said it is an endurance bike club.  To apply for membership he had to ride […]

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Congrads to Dr. Ardis Dee Hoven — AMA President-Elect

Ardis Dee Hoven, MD an ID physician from Lexinton will assume the president’s office in June 2013. She is the medical director of the Bluegrass Care Clinic, an infectious disease and HIV/AIDS practice based in Lexington, Ky., that is affiliated with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.  To read more go to:

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Recorded Medicare Update

If you missed the June 19, 2012 on Medicare Update by Ms. Patsy Schwenk, Provider Relations Senior Analyst Part B Provider Outreach & Education, CGS – J15 MAC

Her presentation covered —

* Discuss the Medicare Preventive Services

* Provide information regarding medical record review contractors

* Discuss current Medicare incentive programs

* Identify Version 5010/ICD-10 compliance dates

* Update on-going provider enrollment […]

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Recorded KHIE Connection: Partnering to Improve Patient Health Outcomes Webinar

If you missed Ms. Polly Mullins Bentley, Acting Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Electronic Health Information

this June 12, 2012 on the KY Health Information Exchange that covered —

• Understand the reasons for advancing Health Information Technology adoption

• Understand at a high level the role of the regional extension center

• Understand and articulate the history and current status of […]

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Angels and Gnomes….

I really love having students.  I particularly enjoy their list of differential diagnoses…..they often remember every zebra, but frequently omit the common and the obvious.  Often, the reel of diagnoses I’ve never seen in practice, or more commonly, never heard of.  When I look them up there is a reason….they are either orphan diagnoses or […]

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Sometimes the hooves to mean zebras……

I met a new patient about a month ago with a non-healing ulcer on her right foot.  She was a smoker, but not diabetic.  I was concerned about peripheral vascular disease.  She had a CT angiogram with good run off….after an extensive work up, it turns out that she has scleroderma with severe pulmonary hypertension….she […]

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