I saw a man today who rode his motorcycle roundtrip to Davenport, Iowa this weekend.  I asked him what took him to Davenport, and he said “I want to join the Iron Butt Association.”  — I asked him to clarify, and he said it is an endurance bike club.  To apply for membership he had to ride 1000 miles in 24 hours.  Once he submits proof of the trip (gas and food receipts) he can submit them to the club and in exchange receive a monthly magazine and join in club sponsored rides.

I checked out the website.  www.ironbutt.com.  It’s legit.

The reason he came to see me is that he had numbness in his left foot.  Turns out he had a S1 neuropathy, numbness of the lateral cutaneous nerve of his left foot (by exam).  He had no motor deficits, just sensory.  So I gave him steroid burst and told him to take more frequent breaks on long road trips.  I also congratulated him on earning membership into the Iron Butt Association.