Kentucky Youth Advocates, a non-partisan, non-profit children’s advocacy agency, is engaging in an effort to analyze the progress  Medicaid Managed Care has made since it was introduced in our state in November, 2011. As you know, this transition affected the  entire state except for the 16 county Passport region. Eleven months after its implementation, we are working to understand the  status of the transition to Managed Care. We at Kentucky Youth Advocates recognize that healthcare providers are an integral component of the Medicaid system and have an important voice in the healthcare discussion. Therefore, we have developed a survey specifically
aimed at providers who offer services to children enrolled in Medicaid or KCHIP. The survey questions focus on the Managed Care transition and cover general topics such as provider opinions and specific issues like claims and billing. Information obtained from this study will be used to address issues and to make recommendations to state officials and the Managed Care companies on ways to improve the managed care system for children in Kentucky.
The link to the survey is below. We hope you will join us in this effort to assess how the new system is affecting healthcare providers, and ultimately, Kentucky’s youth.

Medicaid Managed Care Survey for Providers: