Dr. Glenn Stream, AAFP Chair of the Board, on October 17, 2012 appointed Dr. Lisa Corum of Louisville, KY as Chair of the AAFP Commission on Membership and Member Services for 2012-2013.  The AAFP Board of Directors meet on October 14th to review candidates for this position and selected Dr. Corum as their number 1 candidate.  Dr. Stream in his comments regarding the qualification of Dr. Corum stated, “Her work as a member of the Membership Committee was well know to me and the Board.  She is a dedicated leader that has a proven track record of making positive things happen.”   In the KAFP letter of recommendation for this position – Dr. Ron Waldridge, KAFP President acknowledge her for accomplishments in working towards get KAFP to have a full constinucey at the AAFP National Congress of Special Constitunicies.