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Family Medicine Rotation in Maysville with the Drs. Wayne and Pat Williams

(from left to right) Wayne Williams, MD; Patricia-Elliott Williams, MD; UofL MS3 Jarrod McGahan from Bowling Green; and Donna Roberts, MD, Professor of Family and Geriatric Medicine UofL and Clinical Coordinator

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Watch and Earn CME — “Understanding Telemedicine:mHealth’s Impact on Healthcare Distribution”

If you missed Dr. Thornbury’s presentation on “Understanding Telemedicine:mHealth’s Impact on Healthcare Distribution” that was done on December 12th  —

You can view it at –

In order to receive the 1 Prescribed CME you must complete the survey at

This presentation covered the following learning objectives —

1. Understand telemedicine’s role in the emerging health system transformation.

 2. Appreciate the dynamic […]

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EHR Loan Program Available to practices in HPSA/MUA/FQHC

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).   It is for providers in Medically Underserved Areas (MUA),HPSA, FQHCs.

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