We are pleased to announce the formation of the Commonwealth Healthcare Network Fund (CHNF) to organize Kentucky’s non-profit healthcare facilities and submit a consortium application for the newly announced Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) which will subsidize 65% of broadband costs.   The proliferation of electronic medical records, digital radiologic imaging, telehealth and other initiatives requires healthcare providers to utilize high-speed broadband services and this federal program will help reduce the financial burden of those expenses.


  1. Please carefully read this announcement and the attached information as well as the documents that are on the CHNF website .
  2. Complete the non-binding “letter of interest” by COB Friday, August 9 at to show your interest in the program
  3. Participate in one of the Kentucky informational phone conferences that are described in the “letter of interest” document
  4. Contact the CHNF with any questions at chnf@ky.gov
  5. Before Kentucky submits the application in the fall of 2013, every healthcare facility will complete a “letter of agency” that permits the CHNF to apply for these funds on their behalf.

 This program will require a lot of work, but a 65% subsidy on broadband services will be well worth the effort.  Thank you for your quick attention to this initiative.

Please see the attachment for additional information and sample forms.