Improving the Health of your Patients and your Practice

 According to the CDC, many seniors are still not being vaccinated for the potentially fatal conditions of influenza and pneumonia.

Effectively addressing this problem is just one of the key reasons we are working with Atlantic Health Partners, the nation’s leading vaccine buying group.  Atlantic offers our members the most favorable pricing and terms for Merck and Sanofi vaccines, along with outstanding customer service.  Atlantic’s mission is to positively impact medical practice performance and public health outcomes by empowering physicians to more cost-effectively and efficiently provide immunizations to patients.

Atlantic’s program is especially effective for Family Physicians, and can help you with everything from back to school immunizations and the influenza season, to more effectively immunizing Medicare patients including vaccines covered under Part D.

KAFP members currently participating with Atlantic are most satisfied with the pricing, support, and ease of administration.   We strongly recommend you contact Cindy or Jeff at Atlantic at 800-741-2044 or email at to better determine how Atlantic can help your practice.   You can also visit their web site

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