The Kentucky Ambulatory research Network (KAN)  is recruiting clinics and providers to be part of a study on Transitional Care Management (TCM).  If your clinic is not currently practicing TCM and billing CMS for these visits, you may be eligible!  We are currently writing the grant application to PCORI for this project, but feel it is important we have our clinics and providers identified when we submit the grant.  Ideally, we will recruit clinics with less than 10 providers participating in each clinic, for a total of around 12 clinics and 48 providers across Kentucky.

  Clinics get free coaching to implementing TCM, a  yearly monetary reimbursement  for time and space, increased visit reimbursement doing TCM, and possible Maintenance of Certification credit!  Patients reap benefits from improved care once they are discharged from hospitals and other healthcare facilities!

  Recruitment will be first-come/ first-serve for clinics who are eligible.  Please see the information below (also in attachment form) for more information and eligibility requirements.  Our deadline for recruitment is January 5th 2015. We will submit the grant on Feb 5, 2015 and should hear by late summer 2015 to start a few months after that.

  Please contact me (contact info at bottom of email) with any questions, or your interest in enrolling!    Thank you!


Jennifer Schilling, MPH

Administrative Research Assistant Principal

Kentucky Ambulatory Network (KAN)

(P) 859-323-6713

(F )859-323-6661