Attached are “reading copies” of the final versions of the new regulations about tuberculosis (TB) testing in long-term care settings and for healthcare workers in both Word and PDF formats.  These two regulations became effective on Friday, Mar 4, 2016.   Healthcare facilities have 180 days (i.e., by August 31, 2016) to become compliant with these new regulations.  CDC guidelines are the foundation of these new regulations.
The attached reading copies of the final versions have a larger font and have line numbers but have the same text as final versions that are posted online: and
If you have additional questions or comments about either of these regulations, please send an email message to and cite the page number and line number of the relevant attached files.  Please assure that you are citing the page numbers and line numbers of the version with the April 12, 2016 date in the header rather than a version with an earlier date in the header.  Your questions and comments will be used to develop responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  FAQs will be distributed as part on DPH educational programs about these two regulations.