Official Call for the 2016 KAFP All Member Business Meeting

Notice is hereby given of the 65th Annual Scientific Assembly Session of the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians to be held at the Campbell House in Lexington, KY.

Pursuant to Article VII Bylaws of the Kentucky Chapter, American Academy of Family Physicians, the 56th Annual Meeting of the All Member Meeting will be held Friday, November 11, 2016 at 7:30am – 9:00am to receive and act upon reports of officers and committees, to elect officers and to transact any and all business that may be placed before all members.

All Officers, AAFP Delegates/Alternate Delegates, Regional/District Directors, All Member Delegates are requested to register in advance.  Registration for meeting will be accessible from the KAFP web site  If you should have any questions please contact Janice Hechesky at 1-888-287-9339.

Call for Resolutions for 2016 KAFP All Member Business Meeting

Please note the following deadlines for submission of Resolutions to be presented to the 2016 KAFP Congress of Delegates:

Deadline for receipt of Resolutions for reproduction and inclusion in Delegates’ handbook is October 1, 2016. If a Resolution is not received by the KAFP office prior to October 1, 2016, any member of the KAFP may present in WRITING at the opening of the KAFP All Member Meeting on November, 11, 2016, any Resolutions pertinent to the objectives of the KAFP. Resolutions so offered shall be presented to the Congress of Delegates without debate at that time. Resolutions presented from the floor of the All Member Meeting are to be provided in triplicate form, with one copy to the KAFP Speaker, one copy to the KAFP Executive Vice President and one copy retained by the presenter.

Tidbits on Resolution Writing
“Whereas” clauses explain the problem and/or situation the resolution is addressing; and “Resolved” clauses are action statements and/or the desired end result if this resolution is approved.