Please note the following deadlines for submission of Resolutions to be presented to the KAFP All Member Meeting:
Deadline for receipt of RESOLUTIONS for reproduction and inclusion in All Member Handbook is August 1, 2021. If a RESOLUTION is not received by the KAFP office prior to August 1, 2021, any member of the KAFP may present in WRITING at the opening of the KAFP All Member Meeting on August 21, 2021 and RESOLUTIONS pertinent to the objectives of the KAFP. RESOLUTIONS so offered shall be presented to the ALL Member Delegates without debate at that time. RESOLUTIONS presented from the floor of the All Member Meeting are to be provided in triplicate form, with one copy to the KAFP Speaker, one copy to the KAFP Vice President and one copy retained by presenter.

Resolution writing “Whereas” clauses explain the problem and/or situation the resolution is addressing; and “Resolved” clauses are action statements and/or the desired end result if this resolution is approved.