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Ten State Meeting – February, 2014

So all best laid plans of mice and men don’t always come to fruition. My
plans were to blog every month and I am only 9 months behind. Then my plans changed to blog after every meeting I attended as a KAFP representative. So I am only 4 behind. So I am just going to blog […]

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First Blog

Well, this is a first in many ways- first blog ever and first presidency of anything.  The past 2 months have been an eye opening experience to say the least.  I cannot thank Gerry and Janice enough for the great Annual Meeting we had in November.  The behind the scenes work that goes on at […]

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KAFP hires Government Relations Firm MML&K

To:       Kentucky Academy of Family Physician Members
From: Ron Waldridge, MD II, President
Date:   January 7, 2012
 Your Board of Directors has set goals and objectives for this coming year that we believe will move us closer to our vision of ‘family physicians for all Kentuckians.’  To work with us in Frankfort to achieve this vision, we […]

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Pres Blog

I spent last week at Southeast Forum and found many family docs in the south dealing with same issues we are in Ky. There’s a lot of angst re:Obamacare and expansion of Medicaid. There’s also still hope that something good will come from all this. The role of PCMH still looks favorable, we heard from […]

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House Bill 1

Well HB1 is upon us now with emergency regulations set by the Board of Medical Licensure.  While the KBML website states they will be forgiving in the beginning as far as enforcement goes, potential for big headaches exist.  We are trying to obtain legal counsel on the regulations to try and provide some direction

For now […]

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First Blog

What an exciting start to my presidency in KAFP!!

I had a great time at ALF-NCSC in Kansas City the first week of May. It was very refreshing to meet family docs still excited for their profession and full of ideas to keep us all fired up! It was great to meet the young physicians from […]

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Louisville Family Medicine Visit

I had a wonderful visit to Louisville on Thursday, April 19th. I visited the U of L Residency progam in Family Medicine and presented my optimistic talk “It’s a great time to be a Family Physician!”   Thanks to Mike Ostapchuk, MD (residency director) and Tanya Keenan, MA (program assistant) for their welcome and hospitality. […]

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I visited with the residents at the Eastern Kentucky Family Medicine Residency program in Hazard on Friday April 6th. I received a nice tour of the facilities from their director, Angela Rice, DO and residency asssistant, Heather Pennington. The residents seemed to enjoy my talk “It’s a great time to be a family physician!” It’s […]

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West Virginia Academy of Family Physicians

This past weekend I visited Charleston West Virginia for the WVAFP annual meeting and CME event. The KAFP and WVAFP share Gerry Stover (Executive Vice President) and Janice Hechesky (Executive Assistant). They did a great job and put on a well-attended meeting. It was good to see two KAFP members as invited presenters–Rick Miles, MD  and […]

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On March 29th, I had the opportunity to visit The University of Pikeville College of Osteopathic Medicine. I got the chance to meet with some students, talk with Dean Randy Litman, and I  received a tour of their new (not quite finished!) medical school building. The new building will be an awesome addition. I also […]

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