March 17th, 2018 Board Notebook

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Dues Increase for 2019

Please note a $30 dues increase will be voted on at the All Member Business Meeting.  If this is approved by the membership, it it will go on the 2019 dues statement.
View the Resolution HERE

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Cardiovascular Updates for FMSCA (aka DOT) Medical Directors


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Angels and Gnomes….

I really love having students.  I particularly enjoy their list of differential diagnoses…..they often remember every zebra, but frequently omit the common and the obvious.  Often, the reel of diagnoses I’ve never seen in practice, or more commonly, never heard of.  When I look them up there is a reason….they are either orphan diagnoses or […]

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Sometimes the hooves to mean zebras……

I met a new patient about a month ago with a non-healing ulcer on her right foot.  She was a smoker, but not diabetic.  I was concerned about peripheral vascular disease.  She had a CT angiogram with good run off….after an extensive work up, it turns out that she has scleroderma with severe pulmonary hypertension….she […]

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Dr. Tollison’s Webinar on Continuous MC-FP (MOC) and Part IV for FPs

If you missed the May 31st Webinar on ‘Continious MC-FP (MOC) and Part IV for Family Physicians then you can view it if you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer by clicking this link — <http://www.screencast.com/t/bCo8Ok5y.

To earn CME credits you must complete the survey at – https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NHQJKTM

Or watch it here (You may need to […]

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Information from KDPH on Swine Flu

Dear Clinician:
A novel type A H1N1 variant of swine influenza has been found now in patients in several states in the US, as well as in Mexico. To date, the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) has not identified any cases of swine flu here in Kentucky. However, KDPH is investigating and testing some […]

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CDC Information on Swine Flu

Click to view this resource on the CDC’s website.

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