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The Iron Butt Association

I saw a man today who rode his motorcycle roundtrip to Davenport, Iowa this weekend.  I asked him what took him to Davenport, and he said “I want to join the Iron Butt Association.”  — I asked him to clarify, and he said it is an endurance bike club.  To apply for membership he had to ride […]

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Lest We Forget

Pregnancy is usually a healthy and normal part of a woman’s life.  But this week I was reminded that isn’t always the case.

My patient, a 26 year old , G2P2 went in for a scheduled repeat C/S.  During the surgery she went experienced flash pulmonary edema.  She was diuresed and cardiology was consulted.  She’d developed a […]

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To New Heights…..

I have had two cases in the past two weeks that reminded me to review vital signs and trends CAREFULLY and not just with a cursory glance.  I’ve had two teens with elevated blood pressures….both had had elevated pressures at previous visits — so with this visit we delved into the history and possible causes.  […]

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Fever and a Rash…Oh my….

Here’s a new case.

4 yo boy

HPI: Previously healthy 4 yo boy with  5 days of fever to 104, coryza, rhinorrhea, headache.  No sore throat, no vomiting, no diarrhea.  Poor appetite, but drinking well.  No sick contacts.

PMHx: no meds, surgeries or hospitalizations.  Vaccines UTD

Social history: lives with mom, dad, 2 sibs (both healthy), no smoke exposure.  […]

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My First Post….Welcome to Zook’s Clinical Blog

I am thrilled to be blogging for the KAFP.  I would like to use this blog as an exchange of clinical conundrums, updates and stories among all Kentucky family physicians.   I’ll post experiences from my practice under those headings and hope that you’ll read, contemplate and write in with your own ideas.

Here’s a case I’ve […]

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