This year, the KAFP Foundation decided to take a new approach in fulfilling its mission to assist Kentucky medical students and residents in their pursuit of family medicine within the Commonwealth. At this year’s National Resident and Medical Student Conference in Kansas City, MO, the Foundation assisted in the sponsorship of a Kentucky Row at the Resident Exhibit Hall. With five residency programs represented together, the Commonwealth stood out amongst its fellow programs as a state unified by its desire to promote family medicine to the next generation of medical students. The programs represented are as follows: St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Baptist Health, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Glasgow Family Medicine Residency Program. Thank you to all the faulty and administrators who helped make this a success! We also want to thank Maker’s Mark for donating wax-dipped glasses and discounted bourbon balls for our programs to distribute at their booths.

Kentucky made its mark on National Conference.

In addition to the KY Row, the AAFP promoted 200 available Family Lead scholarships for medical students nationally to attend the 2016 National Resident and Medical Student Conference in Kansas City, MO. To allow for more opportunities for our own medical students to attend, the KAFP Foundation funded its own scholarship opportunity for those who were not selected by the AAFP for various reasons.

Your generous donations to the KAFP foundation allowed for KAFP staff to visit several of the medical schools to promote these scholarship opportunities and as a result, 16 medical students were able to attend. To learn more about how your support influenced their perceptions of family medicine and how to help future students attend, click Here.

AAFP Family Lead Scholarship Kentucky Recipients

1. Ashley Boerrigter, M3 University of Kentucky
2. Lauren Chism, M2 University of Kentucky
3. Mackenzie Denton, M2 University of Pikeville
4. Laura Dewalt, M4 University of Kentucky
5. Marlowe Dieckmann, M4 University of Louisville
6. Saida Kent, M2 University of Kentucky
7. Lily Rodgers, M3 University of Kentucky
8. Xiao Wang, M3 University of Kentucky

AAFP Emerging Leader Kentucky Recipient

1. Michael Lovelace, M4 University of Louisville

KAFP Foundation Scholarship Recipients

1. Claire Fletcher, M3 University of Kentucky
2. Katherine Freeman, M3 University of Kentucky
3. Mary Greenwood University of Kentucky
4. Jenan Hilal, M4 University of Louisville
5. John Proctor, M4 University of Louisville
6. Patricia Siza, M4 University of Kentucky
7. Kayla Suma, M4 University of Kentucky