Your membership to the AFFP and, by default, the KAFP has numerous bennefits to help you succeed in your practice. Below are the various resources available to you as both a national and chapter member of an association dedicated to the needs of all family practitioners and their communities.

KAFP Membership Benefits

  • CME Reporting
    Let us be your reminder system! Your continuing medical education credits are stored for you on the AAFP’s CME Records (CMER) Program. Having your CME stored with us results in an automatic reporting of your credits for recertification to the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). We will periodically contact you to ensure you have the necessary credits to maintain your membership, meet the requirements for the ABFM, qualify for the AAFP Fellowship, and for state medical licensure. Additionally, we will provide at your request printed reports for:
     The AMA’s Physician Recognition Award.
     Community hospital’s credentialing.
     Application for state licensure renewal.
  • Practice Management
    We are constantly developing valuable tools for managing your practice finances, negotiating managed care contracts, and choosing technology systems. Our current offering is:
     Assistance with Managed Care Contracts
     Audits of your Practice Billing System
  • Continuing Medical Education
    In addition to our annual Scientific Assembly that meets the ‘group’ requirements for continued membership in the AAFP, we can assist you in finding opportunities for one on one training with one of our members that may have a best practice. These one on one sessions will count toward your enrichment CME
  • Employment Contract Review Service
    Are you a New Physician and have a pending contract with an employer? Let KAFP help by provide you with the tools to assess your practice choices, including contract review.
  • Advocacy/Government Relations
    While AAFP represent your interest in Washington, DC. KAFP employs a lobbyist firm that represents our interest in Frankfort. Our KAFP Advocacy Committee has been in recent year successful on many fronts from passing legislation on Direct Primary Care, Tort Reform, Immunization … Your KAFP leaders are in Frankfort every session visiting your state representative monitoring legislation that impact your practice of family medicine.
  • Communications
    The KAFP publishes a journal designed to keep members abreast of Academy activities, legislative issues, and provide information on educational opportunities. In addition we provide ‘blast faxes’ to you on issues relevant to your practice.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    KAFP offers leadership training through opportunities to attend national programs on leaders which you can use to apply as a committee members and hopefully as a future Board member.